Peer Coaching

What is Peer Coaching?

Peer coaching is a process by which professionals, managers, and executives, who may or may not work together, come together and form a trusting environment to help one another in supporting and facilitating self-directed learning. Some claim the word “coaching” implies that one person in the collaborative relationship has a different status which is not necessarily true. According to The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Peer coaching is “a type of helping relationship in which two people of equal status actively participate in helping each other on specific tasks or problems, with a mutual desire to be helpful.” The idea is for professional colleagues to work together and reflect on current practices; expand, refine, and build new skills; share ideas; teach one another, or solve problems in the workplace.

OneIT, MOR, and Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is an important element of the MOR IT Leadership program. Together with OneIT, a group of 2018 MOR graduates have been working to establish a peer coaching program for the IT@GT community.

The group is currently piloting a program with a small group of peer coaches. This pilot will be conducted February 2019 through April 2019. With lessons learned through this pilot, we intend to open the program to larger numbers of participants in summer/fall 2019.

Peer Coaching Guidelines

  • The advice given is straightforward and candid.
  • The peer coach offers advice that benefits the organization — to do what’s best for the team rather than the individual.
  • Peer coaches have one another’s best interests at heart, enabling them to be brutally honest.


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