Videos and Training

This is a place holder page at the moment. If you find it, this page will hopefully be turned into a helpful place to link to Trainings, Symposium Videos and How to videos held on Georgia Tech Media Space website.

OneIT MediaSpace channel – Collected video content (GT login required)

2020 Spring Symposium –Drupal 8 and Webhosting Updates

Here is the Live Q&A from the Symposium

Website Project Resources
How to Hire a Website Vendor

IT@GT  101  Part I
2019 OneIT Symposium

Community Updates – Adobe Licensing and Canvas Integrations
2019 OneIT Symposium

Cybersecurity Services @ GT
2019 OneIT Symposium

Reflections on the Endpoint Project
2019 OneIT Symposium

Tips and Tricks
2019 OneIT Symposium