Sponsored by the Office of Information Technology, OneIT is a set of resources and activities designed to strengthen ties across the diverse individuals and organizations that comprise the Georgia Tech IT community.

The name “OneIT” means to suggest a set of ideas to help GT’s IT community see itself as one IT community (composed, as it always has been, of several groups that operate relatively independently but collaboratively). It is not meant to suggest that GT’s IT should consist of a single organization, but that we need common language, knowledge and ways of doing things. This idea is captured in the slogan “Complex IT Organizations, One IT Community.”

OneIT is not meant to replace or marginalize existing community groups such as ITAC or the CSR list — those have established purposes and followings and should continue to work in the same ways. ITAC, for example, already addresses the need for monthly, topical meetings.

We encourage you to provide feedback and ideas to any of the steering committee members or Marissa Jules about whatever is important to you regarding building an IT community on campus.

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The tenets of OneIT are:

  • Social
    We seek to sponsor a few social activities each year to foster connections among the IT community.
  • Professional
    We intend to offer opportunities for professional learning and growth, such as campus vendor days and communities of practice.
  • Educational
    We plan to offer a set of educational resources to address a perennial issue with knowledge transfer — how does a person gain a full understanding of the IT systems and resources available at GT? These may include workshops or online resources.
  • Experimental
    We hope to offer lab-type facilities (space and IT equipment) to allow experimentation with new systems or services. For example, a cross-campus group of IT people might request resources for a proof-of-concept for a new system, and provide a brief report on findings back to the IT community.

These are only beginning ideas. We expect that these and others will change over time, as we try new things and gain experience.

This program is overseen by a 15-person committee comprised of IT professionals from across GT; the committee will be coordinated by two co-chairs (one from OIT and one from the campus IT community) and the ITAC chair and associate chair.