Campus IT Groups

Intranet of People (IoP) is a newer term, a broadly defined community that any of the technology professionals (ITSP, Developers, etc) on campus can participate in, including student employees. IoP is currently an email list, Teams group, and SharePoint site. The community mechanisms will adapt to the technologies that are current. The IoP group is generally a communication vehicle to/for the technical community on campus.

Computer Support Representative (CSR) is an older Sympa based email list that was a means of communication among GT technology professionals for many years. It is still used, and there are no plans to decommission it, but it is now best seen as one aspect of the IoP group mentioned above. The list remains available but is also digested as a channel in Microsoft Teams for the IoP group. This list is sometimes used for granting permissions to certain services. Access to the CSR list is granted selectively.

The Information Technology Advisory Community (ITAC) is a subset of IoP and is a more formal vehicle for the larger community to provide a voice. ITAC hosts a monthly meeting (both in-person and online) to facilitate communication and providing information to the IT community. Members of ITAC must be fulltime technology professionals.

OneIT is a program is sponsored by OIT and seeks to strengthen the IT community across Georgia Tech. The program does not replace the other mechanisms mentioned above but facilitates additional methods of collaboration and communication to the IT community, including user interest groups, internal training resources, seminars, social events, professional development opportunities, and more. The OneIT program is run by a steering committee comprised of individuals from various units around campus.