OneIT: MOR IT Leadership Development

One emphasis of Georgia Tech’s OneIT program is to promote professional development of IT staff across Georgia Tech, through activities like IT 101 and other peer-to-peer learning; on-campus training opportunities; interest groups, book club, and other related activities.

Through OneIT, the Office of Information Technology will make available a new professional development opportunity: the MOR IT Leaders Program. This established program, which draws participation from many respected higher education institutions, seeks to enhance the professional development of individuals who will play management and leadership roles within higher education information technology. More information here:

GT’s participation in this program in 2018 will consist of two cohorts of six members each, drawing members both from within OIT and from other campus units.

The program involves a significant commitment of time and resources on an individual and institutional level, including:

  • Time commitment, including four 3-day in-person instructional meetings in various cities, as well as significant time reading and preparing for these meetings
  • Monetary commitment: the program costs approximately $6,000 per participant as well as travel expenses (estimated $5500). For the campus cohort, OIT will cover the $6k program cost, with the home unit of the individual contributing the travel costs
  • Administrative agreement: the leadership of the campus participant’s unit (e.g., Dean, School Chair, Director) must agree to allow the necessary time for participation in the program, as well as to fund travel cost mentioned above

Note that this program is available only to IT staff currently serving in a management role (i.e., with direct reports).

We realize the limitations of this opportunity, since it is available to a relatively small number of people. Depending on the program’s success and on available funding, in future years GT may make the program available to a larger number of people. Additionally, there is a related program for IT staff seeking to take on a management role (the Emerging Leaders program) — there may be future opportunities for this program.

The OneIT steering committee will evaluate and make recommendations for campus nominees. OIT has a separate process in place to identify participants. All recommendations will ultimately be presented to GT leadership for approval.

The nomination process for campus nominees will require:

  • A brief nomination letter supporting the nomination (600 words maximum). Either self-nomination or nomination by a colleague is acceptable. This should address how the candidate and GT could be expected to benefit from the program; factors suggesting the candidate’s prospects for success in the program; and any other supporting reasons for the nomination.
  • Confirmation that the candidate’s unit leadership agrees to the potential commitment of time and money.

Those with potential interest who want to talk to past participants may contact one or more of the following people: Eric BuckhaltPam BuffingtonJewel ColemanAndrew DietzScott FreidrichMaria HunterMarissa JulesJohn Wilson.

Campus nominations should be made through by end of day on October 31 2017.