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Dear [unit head],

I intend to nominate [applicant/myself] for the 2018 MOR IT Leadership Program. This national-level program draws participation from many respected higher education institutions and seeks to enhance the professional development of individuals who will play management and leadership roles within higher education information technology. Additional information is in the campus announcement at:

One requirement for the nomination is endorsement from the nominee’s home unit and commitment to cover the estimated $5500 costs associated with transportation to the program meetings during calendar year 2018. (OIT will cover the $6600 cost for each participant.)

If you agree to allow the nominee to participate in the program and to cover the travel costs, could you please send me an email confirming your agreement? I’ve included the required statement below to simplify the process for you — if you agree, could you please copy and paste it in an email to me; I will then include it among the nomination materials. If you have any questions about this, please let me know. Thank you!


This memorandum of understanding is established between the Office of Information Technology and [home unit]. This MOU serves as a letter of endorsement for [applicant] as a participant in the 2018 MOR IT Leadership Program. Furthermore, the MOU serves as a commitment of funds from [home unit] to fund related travel and entertainment costs related to the Program for the participant; and, a commitment of funds from OIT to fund program tuition costs for the participant.

The terms of the MOU are as follows:

1. The Office of Information Technology will fund the participant tuition at a cost of approximately $6600.00
2. [Home Unit] will fund the participant travel and entertainment costs of approximately $5500.00. Participant will travel with the assigned cohort.

By this email I indicate agreement to these terms and endorsement of participant.